Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched actor Emraan Hashmi’s book ‘The Kiss of Life: How a superhero and my son defeated cancer’ on April 7. The book revolves around the struggle of Emraan his wife and their six-year-old son Ayaan’s cancer treatment.

Kejriwal said, “I want to congratulate Emraan and Bilal for writing this book. More than that I want to congratulate Emraan over the battle that he fought with his son. I haven’t read the book, but from what all I have heard, I would like to say that Emraan’s son is a bigger superstar than his father. This book is about hope. When a cancer patient loses hope, his/her body starts to give up. All cancer patients should read this book. Not only them, even we should read it to defeat all the struggles that we go through in our day-to-day routine.

He also added saying, “As a chief minister, I feel Emraan had the money to take his child to Canada for treatment. But there are a lot of people in India who don’t have money for treatment. In that case, the government needs to help them financially. I wish Ayaan was here as I really want to meet him.”

This book has been co-written with author Bilal Siddiqi and it has been published by Penguin Books India in three languages. Ayaan, is Emraan and wife Parveen Shahani’s first child, who was diagnosed with first stage cancer at the age of four in early 2014.