On the occasion of World Health Day (April 7) here we take into account the actresses who remain fit rather than becoming size Zero. Women are often perceived to be beautiful if they are either fair or thin. And our movies certainly cashes on this trend with most actresses looking thinner every day. But there are a few who haven’t succumbed to this trend and still maintain a healthy and fit frame which defines a real woman. Here’s our list of such famous personalities.

Sonakshi Sinha – The actress received a lot of flak for her weight but she continues to give hits after hits. She did lose a lot of weight from her earlier days and continues to follow a healthy diet and workout. Sonakshi does not believe in dieting to look thin and is quite comfortable with her body.


Bhumi Pednekar ­- This actress broke all the stereotypes with her debut movie. Unlike many newcomers who prefer glamorous roles for their first movie, she opted for a de-glamorised and unconventional one, where she had to put on oodles of weight and look plump. And at the end, she won a million hearts with her acting skills and her chubby look.


Huma Qureshi – When only super-thin models and actresses were making it big, Huma was a breath of fresh air. A talented actress who can carry off any role, looks real and does not shy away from showing off her curvy body.


Zarine Khan – She made an entry into Bollywood in the movie ‘Veer’ opposite Salman Khan raising many eye brows for her resemblance to Katrina Kaif which was hard to ignore. However, she created her own place in the industry.


Taapsee Pannu – Most celebrities regularly hit the gym in order to maintain a gorgeous body, but Taapsee surprisingly does not make visiting the gym a big deal. She prefers swimming since this kind of workout really works for her. Or she plays squash which helps her maintain her cardio.